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A solar system is a smart and valuable investment for your home. It will generate clean, free solar electricity to power your household and can also increase the resale value of your home. A mid-sized solar system generates around 70% of the electricity required for an average home in Queensland. A properly designed solar system will drastically reduce the amount of electricity you need to buy from your existing energy retailer and replaces it with free energy you have generated yourself from the sun shining on your roof.

Getting solar power to work for your home has never been more affordable and more impacting. We have a dedicated local team who examine your unique property and show you the best approach to solar power for your solar installation. You gain a big advantage when you work with seasoned solar power professionals who take the time to understand and explain your best move.

Your Solar Adviser is here to help to reduce your electricity bills. Careful planning and matching of solar output to loads can significantly reduce power bills. Array orientation is leveraged to match the peak power costs and bring maximum benefit. Combined with tax effective depreciation, quality solar power systems are of real benefit for your home or business.

Contact Your Solar Adviser to assess how solar can improve your bottom line.

Electricity Phases

What is phase balancing?

Many new, and some older homes have what are called dual phase or 3 phase homes. This means instead of having one Tariff 11 and one Tariff 33, they have multiple. 

The appliances in the home are connected to each phase, for example pools, air conditioners and hot water systems are generally connected to tariff 33. 

Other appliances such as power points and lights are connected to Tariff 11. 

Solar Feed-in Tariff – otherwise known as FiT rates

The Queensland Government has set a goal of 50 per cent renewable energy generation capacity by 2030 and solar energy plays an important role in this target.

In Brisbane, each kilowatt of panels you install (assuming good quality components professionally installed) will generate on average 4.2 kilowatt-hours of electricity a day. Many Queensland households are now opting for large systems (entry level is considered 6.6kW+ these days) to get the best bang for their buck.

Solar Batteries and Hybrid Inverters

Can I run my home off my storage in a blackout and what can I run?

You can! Most good quality energy solar and storage systems (ESS) have Automatic EPS (Emergency Power Supply) so when the grid goes down in a blackout, your system will automatically flick over to your battery storage and run your home.