Solar battery and Hybrid inverters

Can I run my home off my storage in a blackout and what can I run?

You can! Most good quality energy solar and storage systems (ESS) have Automatic EPS (Emergency Power Supply) so when the grid goes down in a blackout, your system will automatically flick over to your battery storage and run your home. 

Everything that is on your EPS phase will turn back on, your inverter will run at 50% of its normal output to preserve your battery life. 

Your PV will also be supporting the load of the home where possible and when the grid comes back on the system will automatically return to its normal running rate as per usual. 

How do I know the difference between a Hybrid inverter and a Non-Hybrid Inverter?

A Hybrid inverter has a battery charger already built into the inverter, whereas a non-hybrid inverter doesn’t. 

Non-hybrid inverters can sometimes be called “Battery Compliant” with is 100% true as with the new technology we have available today, you can add a Retro Fit Charger to any type of Non-Hybrid inverter. 

However, this is going to cost you significantly more in the long run than buying a Hybrid inverter with the battery charger already built in. 

So when you choose to add battery storage, and zero your power bill, all you need to purchase is the battery – that’s it!