Electricity Phases

What is phase balancing?

Many new, and some older homes have what are called dual phase or 3 phase homes. This means instead of having one Tariff 11 and one Tariff 33, they have multiple. 

The appliances in the home are connected to each phase, for example pools, air conditioners and hot water systems are generally connected to tariff 33. 

Other appliances such as power points and lights are connected to Tariff 11. 

Legally your solar panel system HAS to be connected to Tariff 11, so we ensure all of your phases are being balanced and catered for with 3 phase equipment or multiple single-phase inverters for dual phase homes. 

Each home is different, that is why we conduct our FREE on-site consultations to provide you with all of the answers to these questions. 

What is the difference between single and three phase?

A single phase home only has one Tariff 11 and one Tariff 33, 3 phase have multiple depending on the configuration. 

This means a single phase inverter is not going to be suitable for a three phase home as it will only cover the load of 1 phase and in turn, not make a significant difference to the consumption of your home. Therefore you won’t see a large decrease in your bill.